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Paul Elson-Vining

What is ISO and do I need it?

You may have heard about ISO standards or seen companies displaying their certification on documentation, products, or vehicles.

But what are they?
What do they mean?
Are they required?
In this article we will give you an insight as to what they are all about and give you the information you need to decide for yourself.

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Paul Elson-Vining

The Noun-Verb Methodology

One of our software partners, Triaster, utilises a straightforward methodology that is easy to understand but also very powerful at the same time. This is an updated and refreshed edition of an article originally written in 2016.    Written by Michael Cousins Mike founded Triaster in 1994. A thought leader in business improvement, he has led Triaster ever since, spearheading its development of beautifully engineered business improvement software, that is both full of the functionality required by business analysts and that end users find really easy to use. The Noun-Verb process mapping methodology is a powerful, yet very simple way to document a business process. It is used by process mappers as the standard to deliver process diagrams that are

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