How Much does a Process Mapping Project Cost?


Process Mapping: Cost or Investment?

Process mapping projects allow businesses to understand what is actually happening in their organisation. In the long run, if a business were to create a process map, they are taking steps to improve their business. In order to achieve continuous improvement, a business needs to take a long hard look at what their processes are, and the extent of what is involved for them to be considered ‘successful’. In many cases, organisations have many undefined, or overly complex processes or department silos. If these go unnoticed or aren’t being monitored/improved regularly, then it can lead to large organisational problems. Understanding your processes undoubtedly takes time and resources. However, if you are clued into how your business operates, you can take an active role in the business process improvement, and take your business forwards. Of course, no business process mapping project comes without a cost. But can it really be considered a cost if you’re actually taking the time and resources to invest in making your business better? This guide will hopefully provide some more insight into what goes into the cost of process mapping.

How Much Does Business Process Mapping Cost?

The cost of business process management is dependent on a number of factors.
    1. Your process mapping goals and targets.
    2. The number of processes which need mapping.
    3. The size and structure of your organisation.
    4. How complex those processes are, or could potentially be.
    5. The process mapping tools which are required.
Process mapping and management provides a process flow diagram, or chart, which highlights actions, steps and inputs within a business. These actions, measures and inputs are all inextricably linked in one way or another, and mapping them onto process documentation gives perspective on how complex and convoluted processes can be. On the flip side, these process diagrams can also shed light on operations which are working well. If you want to find out more about a process project cost, you should use these 5 points to ask yourself a series of questions.

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