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Our Standard Services

We are a specialist Process consultancy. We offer Business Process Mapping consultancy services and training to support Business Management systems.

Discover, Define and Document

All organisations require process, but in many cases, organisations do not have up to date processes and procedures or even know where some of these are defined. We offer facilitated workshops that are delivered onsite or remotely and document the process in many different tools.

Ongoing Process Support

We provide ongoing support for your business management system project. This can be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

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Triaster Services

An enterprise tool based around Microsoft Visio allowing for the end-to-end creation of process, presented in an easy to use web-based front end. We have a range of services that can support the implementation of the platform.

Training and Awareness sessions

We can provide training on our Partner Software and Practical process mapping workshops.

We want to make you happy by providing great service that goes beyond what you expect.

trust us to help you achieve your objectives.

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