Process Navigator Training

Creating maps for your library

What and who is this for?

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To train the Process Owners in the basic software skills needed to create process maps and publish them to your Process Library.

When does it take place?

After installing Process Navigator, a Project Initiation workshop should have ideally be completed to ensure a consistent approach.

How many people are involved?

Up to ten, the greater the numbers, the less time the trainer will have to support individual attendees.

Number of days?

Two days. Onsite or remote. If training is to be delivered remotely, we would recommend four half-day sessions.

Workshop Agenda

Lets get the best out of the training

You may have used Microsoft Visio in the past, but this structured training is designed to ensure all users create content to the same look and feel, along with being able to use all aspect of the Process Navigator Software.

Day 1 Basic Training

Using Process Navigator to create basic process maps.

Day 2 Working With Process

Utilising Process Navigator to create end-to-end processes and bulk management of data.

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