Project Initiation Workshop

Get your project off to the right start

What and who is this for?

Lets get the right people together


To launch the Triaster Process Library Implementation.

When does it take place?

ASAP on becoming a Triaster customer, once Process Council is established

How many people are involved?

Usually, five or six are made up of the Process Council and the Project Sponsor.

Number of days?

Half day session onsite or remote

Workshop Agenda

Lets get the best out of the project

You may have made many decisions already but this formal workshop will ensure your project stays on track.

Project kick off

What is the project trying to achieve?

Launching the System

What will your process library look like, and how will you communicate it with your end-users?

We want to make you happy by providing great service that goes beyond what you expect.

trust us to help you achieve your objectives.

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