Triaster Services

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Process Consultancy

We are specialists in the Triaster solution and have supported the implementation of over 100 Management Systems globally.

Project Initiation Workshop

To agree on project scope, milestones and professional services requirements.

Process Navigator Training

To train Process authors in the basic software skills needed to create process maps and publish them to your Process Library.

Governance Workshop

To discuss and agree on the Triaster Mapping and Library Framework.

Library Administration Training

To train Superusers in the advanced control and maintenance of the Triaster Solution.

Web Log Expert configuration

We will configure Weblog Expert to produce filtered reports based on your set criteria.

Customised System reports

Utilising any customer-specific data fields that have been created, we can provide customised reports for use in the Process library.

Ongoing Professional Services support

Process Envision can provide onsite and remote support for your BMS or QMS customised to your needs.

Process Map conversion

Do you currently have process maps in native Visio format? Process Envision can convert these into Noun-verb style maps using your Triaster template.

Facilitated workshops and map production

If you need an additional resource on a project, we can work with you to achieve your required outcome.

We want to make you happy by providing great service that goes beyond what you expect.

trust us to help you achieve your objectives.

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